HiroyukiCoinDark (HCD)

The next-generation supporting platform for the charity organization of Meteor City.

4.7 /5
ICO Track
4.8 /5
ICO Benchmark
4.2 /5
Holder ICO

Tokensale Stages

Pre-Sale Phase 1

1 ETH = 1 billion HCD

90% Discount

Pre-Sale Phase 2

1 ETH = 200 million HCD

50% Discount


1 ETH = 100 million HCD

0% Discount

What is HiroyukiCoinDark?

HiroyukiCoinDark is a supporting platform for the charity organization of Meteor City, and is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain.

Supporters will be able to invest/help the charity members and its activities using HCD token. Their activities are very important and fundamental to the maintenance and security of Meteor City, a city for outcasts.

What is Meteor City? Meteor City is a junkyard city inhabited by outcasts. People who live there do not exist in any official records and the existence of the city itself is known to very few people. Previously it was a place that dictators used to carry out their racial segregation policies, but now it is a huge abandoned area which does not belong to any country. Since then, it has been a dumping ground for other countries. The city is said to have the most diverse ethnic background and its population is estimated at eight to ten million people, living in an area about the size of Tokyo, Japan. For more information, see link1 and link2.

The "Chain User" Incident

“The calendar looses a precious component.
The remaining months gather to mourn.
The mourners play a melody,
while the eleventh moon quietly rises.”

“The chrysanthemum withers and falls,
to lie on the ground beside bloody Scarlet Eyes.
But you will remain supreme.
Even after losing half your limbs.”

“Enjoy the interlude.
Search out new allies.
East is the direction to go.
You will find one who awaits you.”

― Neon Nostrade

Our Goal

In the course of the incident, the “Chain User” binded our leader’s heart with his “Judgment Chain”, the chain that forbids him from using Nen and communicating with the other charity members. Our current immediate goal of this project is to remove this chain from his heart. To do so, we have to find out a Nen-Exorcist, those who possess the ability to lift Nen curses.

The funds raised from this ICO project will be used not only for the goal we mentioned above, but also for our normal business such as saving abandoned children, governance of anarchic area, advertisement of the existence/problems of Meteor City, and so on.

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Token Structure

Reserved Funding
Founders and Team
Cost of 1 HCD: 0.00000001 ETH at the Crowdsale and exchange.
Total Supply: 100 billion HCD
Reissuable: No
Payment method: Ethereum (ETH)
Hardcap: $100,000
ICO extension: No
Burn after ICO: Tokens will be burned after the Crowdsale so that the total number of sales at Pre-Sale and Crowdsale will be the 60% of the total supply.

1 HCD token price

0.00000001 ETH

Max Total Distribution

60 billion HCD (60%)


September 1999
The "Chain User" Incident
July 2018
Coin Marketing
September 2018
Listing on several major exchanges.
November 2018
Expansion of our charity business.
June 2018
Created HiroyukiCoinDark. Airdrop begins.
August 2018
Pre-Sale (1 ETH = 100m ~ 200m HCD)
October 2018
Search for Nen Exorcist.

Soft-cap Budget Allocation

  • 25% Product Development
  • 40% Marketing
  • 15% Operations
  • 5% Legal
  • 15% Management

Smart Contract Source Code

Contract address: 0x837f936009afb90e31751a4e92d9cc9350a92d93

Our Team Members

Our Advisors

How to Buy Our Tokens

Pre-Sale Start: July 5th, 2018, 9:00 AM (UTC)
Symbol: HCD
Reissuable: No
Exchange rate: See above
Project protocol: ERC223 (ERC20 compatible)

Contract Address:


Send Ethereum from myetherwallet to the above address, and then we will send you back HCD automatically at the corresponding rate.